Rental studio "RUHRGEBIET"


90-degree-cove, settings, stage-construction, and much more...

Our 90-degree-cove (8.90m x 8.80m x 4m) can be used in different colors. We are prepared for white, green, blue and yellow as standard, but other colors are also conceivable. In addition to the cove, the studio can be used for other sets – if necessary, also in parallel. There is also enough space for milieu buildings, if required we are happy to support you with our workshop, a porch hall and building platform materials.

Our film light consists of ARRI, Sachtler, Manfrotto, Avanger, Profoto and Elation brand fixtures. 80% of the light is generated with LED spotlights and with the support of a photovoltaic system, so our studio works very energy-efficiently. All lighting accessories such as butterflies, grip, tripods and grids are available. An all-round truss system, including motorized light rigs and DMX-controlled spotlights, facilitates individual lighting.

The integrated rolling gate in the front area of the hall enables easy delivery and effective work within the premises. The acoustics are optimized by Basotect absorbers and molleton curtains. Of course, free WiFi is available.

As a rule, we rent the studio with a basic set of lights and a studio assistant who is very familiar with our technology. After a preliminary discussion, we will be happy to create a tailor-made offer.

Possible additional services:

+ Milieu construction / set construction (if required including draft, conception, 3D preview)

+ Access to prop pool

+ Live stream support

+ Personnel (camera assistants, lighting technicians, photographer, construction stage, props, image technician, system technician, etc.)

+ Technology (e.g. Panther Dolly with rails, RED camera, lenses, tripods, crane, beamer, trusses, stages, gimbal, audio recording, etc.)

+ "Pop-Up" live control desk (Blackmagic) for live shows or live on tape productions

+ post-production services (edit, color correction, 3D, 2D, audio)

+ Sound booth with a view of the recording studio. The film studio can be linked to our recording studio with 32 tracks, so that the advantages of our recording studio can be used both in live and recording situations (ADT mixer, universal audio, Neve, Neumann and SSL components)