Rental studio "RUHRGEBIET"

The Movie- and Photo-Studio for Contentcreators

The "RUHRGEBIET" rental studio is located in the heart of the Ruhr area in Recklinghausen. Creative professionals can now rent a 460 square meter studio for their productions on the former site of the "Koenig Ludwig colliery". The studio has a built-in 90-degree cove that can be used in white, blue, yellow or green. A solid basic equipment of film light, photo light, as well as camera, dolly and live stream technology complete the offer. A mask room, artists' dressing room, guest lounge and a catering area are available as ancillary rooms. We offer the studio to our regular customers as well as external photographers and filmmakers as a new "all-inclusive" shooting location.


We produce your modern corporate film, TV spot or product film and offer service productions. Everything you need for social media, your website, events and sales.


The future is now! We offer Digital marketing events, interactive 3D models, CMS based websites, virtual reality, online congresses and more…


The perfect rental studio for moviemakers an photographers. We offer the space and many services.


The individual „Metaverse“ for your business: multimediapresentations combined with virtual-reality and interactive 3D-objects.


We produce individual music productions and sound mixes for your corporate film, cinema or TV commercial in our in-house sound studios.


Product photos, 360 degree photography, brochure photos. 3 photo studios and permanent photographers are at your disposal.